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Swipe, swipe and have your PFA's finances sorted. Yup, it’s possible with Smart Bookkeeping.

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Calculate your taxes stress-free and without fear of mistakes

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Click. Now swipe. That’s it. You just did your business financial admin.

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Surprisingly simple financial admin for freelancers

Professional invoices ready in 60 seconds   
Quick and easy integration with your bank account 
Payment tracking and real-time bookkeeping
Tax and other related reports created and sent with a few clicks
Real-time tax calculation, even for additional sources of income


We super simplified issuing invoices. A few clicks and voila! Your professional invoice is done. No need to manually enter your client’s data anymore; the app will do it for you. Just like magic!

Fairo Sync

Connect your bank business account to Fairo and see all your transactions from all your banks in one place. Always know which invoice is paid, unpaid or overdue. Moreover, enjoy fully automated real-time bookkeeping.


Just a swipe and things become clearer! Easily sort all your business transactions, choose whether your income is taxable and your expenses deductible, and ta-daa! You get a clear overview of your finances and see how profitable your business is, based on statistics.

Tax Calculator

Real income or flat rate, additional sources of income? No problem for us. Calculate your taxes easily and stress-free. Input your business info, and that’s it; you find out what taxes and social contributions you must pay

Tax Reporting

No more spreadsheets! Creating your tax and legal reports with a few clicks?
Yep, it’s that simple.

The freedom revolution starts here

Freelancers need time to work effectively. And we are here to give this extra time to you! So leave the problems with reports and accounting to us. Join the 16 000 freelancers now!

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From "to do" to "done" with just a few swipes

Life is more interesting with the super-simplified finance app from Fairo.
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