Surprisingly simple financial admin for freelancers

Just invoice and relax: Fairo will take care of the rest. It will keep everything in order and show you when your invoices are paid or overdue. Simple and fast, on any screen you like.

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Rated 4.3 on Play Store

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From mobile to desktop in a matter of seconds: you choose which screen you’d rather work on. At home or on the go, stay connected and do your financial admin surprisingly simple.

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All you need, from invoices to taxes, in a single app

Issue invoices super easily, in 60 seconds

Create and send them, simple and fast. Ready with a few clicks, in multiple languages or currencies, from any device you want.

Know exactly which invoice is paid

Are your invoices paid, unpaid or overdue? No need to keep track in Excel anymore, the Fairo app will always show you their payment status.

Do your bookkeeping more easily

If you’re a PFA or PFI, you can see all your transactions in the app and choose with a swipe which are deductible or non-deductible.

Find out how much you’ll pay for taxes

Whether you’re a PFA or PFI with real income or flat rate taxation, you can find out with a few clicks how much money to set aside for taxes.

Issue your accounting reports from the app

No more paperwork or spreadsheets: with Fairo, you have all your data in the app and quickly issue your mandatory reports.

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From “to do” to “done” with just a few clicks.

Make your freelancer life easier with the surprisingly simple financial app from Fairo.