Keep your bookkeeping easier and understand your business income and expenses at a glance

Finally, things become clearer. You can sort all your business transactions with one swipe, have a clear overview of your business finances and even create necessary legal reports within seconds.

Easily sort your transactions

It’s easy to sort your business transactions and choose whether your income is taxable and your expenses deductible.

Monthly statistic for your business

Is your business profitable? See monthly statistics for a clear view of all your business incomes and expenses, including cash transactions.

Real-time tax calculation

You’re always prepared for tax season when you can see your taxes the second you sort your business transactions. You always know how much money to set aside for taxes.

Generate all your important accounting reports

Goodbye, spreadsheets and paperwork! You can generate in seconds the mandatory reports, such as the Register-Journal of Income and Payments. All the data you need is in the app.

What can we do for you

We know that freelancers’ business is as colorful and diverse as possible, and there are different types of freelancers in each market. So check what we can do for you.

From “to do” to “done” with just a few clicks.

Make your freelancer life easier with the surprisingly simple financial app from Fairo.