Try out invoicing on a bigger screen

Invoice and chill: the rest is on autopilot

Here’s the plan: you issue the invoices, and Fairo, the app for freelancers, worries about the rest. It notifies you when you get paid, connects your accounts and shows each move your money makes. Soon on desktop!

Invoicing is just the beginning

Order and discipline in your business invoices, without lifting a finger

In 60 seconds, you’re done with invoicing

Personalize and send your client invoice straight from the app. Fairo takes it from here.

See your invoices automatically sorted by categories

Paid, unpaid or overdue? No worries, Fairo remembers it all for you.

Know exactly which client paid your invoices

Fairo sends in-app notifications when the money arrive to your account.

No login needed in your banking app

Connect your accounts and see your business expenses clearly explained through graphs.

Use Fairo on any display you want

By popular demand, Fairo soon arives to the big screen!

Log into Fairo web without installing anything else

If you have the mobile app, you see the same features on desktop. Without effort and without installation.

Download your invoices directly on your desktop

It’s one thing to see your invoices on your mobile, and another to download and nicely sort them in folders.

No fear that you’ll miss a number

Do what you were doing on mobile, but with more square inches at hand. So you can check everything easier.

Use Fairo on web before everyone else!

Insure your early access to the web app, when it’s launched.
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