Use Fairo on any display you want

By popular demand, Fairo soon arives to the big screen!

Yes, you read correctly: we’re working hard on the browser version of the Fairo app. If this news makes you happy, make sure that you’ll be one of the first users that have access to Fairo web!


Log into Fairo web without installing anything else

If you have the mobile app, you see the same features on desktop. Without effort and without installation.

Do your taxes without fear of missing a number

It’s one thing to see the calculations on your phone, and another to check them easily on a big screen.

Send your tax declaration even faster from Fairo web

Mobile is great if you’re in a hurry, but it you want to make it super-simple, send your declaration from desktop with a click.

Use Fairo on web before everyone else!

Ensure your early access to the web app, when it’s launched.

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