Fairo helps you keep up with e-Invoice system!

Create electronic invoices according to the template legally requested, straight from the app. Simple, fast, and without worries.

What’s the deal with e-Invoice?

That all the invoices by / to legal entities need to be issued electronically in XML format and submitted to your Private Virtual Space (SPV) from the ANAF portal.

That it’s time to say goodbye to the Excel spreadsheet and the doc template. You’ll need to choose a software that can generate your e-Invoices automatically in the legally required format.

Is the e-Invoice so complicated?

Not if you use Fairo! Play this video and learn the answer to the most common questions about the legal requirements, and also hot Fairo can help you keep up with all of them.

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The good news: with Fairo and a few clicks, you’re up to date with the law

Today: you’re ready to issue your e-Invoices from your mobile

Install the Fairo app on your phone, create an invoice, download it in XML format (e-Invoice) and upload it to your SPV account. The template generated by Fairo is 100% compliant with the legislation.

Also from today: you can issue them from Fairo Web

No time to download apps? No problem, you can log into Fairo Web and issue your e-Invoice directly from there. No need to download any apps, just with a simple log in.

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Soon: you will enjoy automatic integration with ANAF!

Meaning you will be able to send the e-Invoice directly from the Fairo application by connecting to your SPV with a digital certificate. We are almost done with the preparations, there is very little left!

Do you have extra questions?

From January 1, the e-Invoice is mandatory for all invoices between taxable legal entities on the territory of Romania, i.e. issued by a company / or to a company based in Romania.

According to art. LIX from Law no. 296/2023, the e-Invoice will be mandatory for “economic operators – taxable persons established in Romania (…) – regardless of whether or not they are registered for VAT purposes according to art. 316 of Law no. 227/2015, for the deliveries of goods and the provision of services that have the place of delivery/provision in Romania (…), carried out in the B2B relationship.”

For example, if you have a company in Romania, but issue invoices to clients abroad, there is no need to issue e-Invoice for those goods or services, because the place of service provision is not in Romania.

If until now, you could create invoices both in Excel and in Word doc, or in whichever way you liked, from January 1, it is mandatory to create them in XML format.

XML stands for Extensible Markup Language (doesn’t sound too memorable, but let’s just say it’s a structured way to convey data in a way that the ANAF platform can understand and translate into its language).

In other words, e-Invoice = an invoice in XML format, then sent via SPV to ANAF.

Not in Excel and not in Word (unfortunately). You will have to say “goodbye” to the templates on your laptop and choose an application or an invoicing program that can output directly in XML.

The good news is that Fairo helps you create your e-Invoices in a few clicks, either from the mobile app or from the web browser, without having to download anything else. Plus, the integration with Fairo will soon be automatic, meaning that you will be able to issue e-Invoices and send directly to the SPV from the application, without downloading and uploading them again.

Not at all! You have to issue the invoice only once and only in the format required by law (XML). Invoices in Fairo are already created in the e-Invoice format and can be downloaded as XML files, try it in the mobile application and see for yourself: if you issue an invoice and then press the three dots on the top right of the screen, you will be able to to download it in e-Invoice (XML) format.

After uploading to the e-Invoice system, your customer will be able to download and convert it to PDF format for easier viewing. The same in your case – you will be able to download it, optionally, in PDF format from the Fairo application, but in order to comply with the legal provisions, what is mandatory is only the XML format sent through the e-Invoice system from ANAF.

The law stipulates that the e-Invoice must be sent within a maximum of 5 working days from the date of its issuance. That is, you first create it through the invoicing application, and then you must not let more than 5 working days pass until it is uploaded to the SPV. After verification, ANAF will apply an electronic seal and make it available to your client for downloading.

Nope! All invoices between taxable legal entities on the territory of Romania must go to ANAF, which will make them available for download to the client, after checking that there are no errors and after applying the electronic seal.

What’s more, if you send the invoice directly to the customer, you risk getting a fine, starting from April 1, 2024 (as well as the customer who receives it, starting from July 1, 2024).


If you send the invoice directly to the customer and don’t just send it through the SPV, using the electronic signature, you risk serious fines. In terms of when and how to apply, there are three big terms to keep in mind:

    • From January 1, 2024, it becomes mandatory to issue invoices in XML format and send them only through the SPV, which will then send them to the customer
    • From April 1, 2024, fines may begin to be applied for non-compliance with the legal provisions:
      • From 5,000 to 10,000 lei for large taxpayers
      • From 2,500 to 5,000 lei for medium taxpayers
      • From 1,000 to 2,500 lei for small taxpayers, as well as for individuals
    • From July 1, 2024, any taxable person on the territory of Romania who receives and registers a traditional invoice, on paper, or by other electronic means, but not in XML format and with the ANAF seal on it, is penalized with a fine equal to VAT- listed on the invoice.

The short answer is yes, you need an electronic signature. You will not be able to upload e-Invoices without already being registered in the SPV based on an electronic signature (digital certificate). So you need to purchase a digital certificate (if you want to know who the trusted suppliers are, you can look them up on this website), then follow the steps here to register in the SPV based on of CIF / CUI.

Yes! Fairo already issues invoices that can be downloaded in XML format and sent via SPV to ANAF.

  • In the mobile app, you have everything ready already. Try it out and see how easy it is to issue your invoice in XML (e-Invoice) format!
  • In the Web application, the option to create e-Invoices is also already available – you can create an account from your browser, without downloading anything extra.
  • And soon, the integration with Fairo will be automatic, meaning that you will be able to issue e-Invoices and send directly to the SPV from the application, without downloading and uploading them again.