Fairo helps you keep up with e-Invoice system!

Create electronic invoices according to the template legally requested, straight from the app. Simple, fast, and without worries.

What’s the deal with e-Invoice?

The good news: with Fairo and a few clicks, you’re up to date with the law

Today: you’re ready to issue your e-Invoices from your mobile

Install the Fairo app on your phone, create an invoice, download it in XML format (e-Invoice) and upload it to your SPV account. The template generated by Fairo is 100% compliant with the legislation.

From January 1st 2024: you'll have them at hand in Fairo Web

We’re almost ready with all the preparations! Pretty soon, you’ll be able to create and send your e-Invoice straight from Fairo, from mobile or web, in a few minutes.