Fairo, the financial administration solution dedicated to freelancers and entrepreneurs, is ending its journey in March 2024

In the 3 years since it was founded, the Fairo app, launched in Ukraine and Romania and recently expanded to other 8 EU countries, has gained the trust of over 23.000 freelancers and entrepreneurs. The solution was built to offer users a simpler way of doing their financial admin, through features ranging from invoice issuing and automatic payment tracking in the web version to simplified bookkeeping in the mobile app.

However, as the economic context is rapidly changing, the business plans need to swiftly adapt as well. Following a carefully weighted strategic decision, the resources allocated to the Fairo project will be redirected in a way that better aligns with the investment strategy of the Raiffeisen Bank International group, the main investor in the Fairo project.

With the support of Raiffeisen Bank International, we are directing our attention in the near future towards searching for a solution that better meets the business priorities of the group and towards transforming the project into a Raiffeisen-only group solution.

We thank our colleagues for everything they have built at Fairo in these 3 years and we are deeply grateful for the trust that the 23.000 freelancers and entrepreneurs have offered us during this time. We hope that we managed to help them enjoy the best part of freelancing by simplifying their administrative tasks and saving more of their free time, as we aimed to do.

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