Join the Fairo Club

Keeping your business finances up-to-date is easy and fun. Sounds like a joke? Not if you’re part of the freelancer’s Fairo Club. Because with Fairo, you easily manage your business finances and at the same time collect FaiRON points that can be turned into benefits for your business.

How does it work?

The Fairo Club rule is simple: the more you use Fairo, the more FaiRONs you receive. So technically, you are rewarded every time you take care of your business finances with the Fairo app.

Download Fairo and simplify your freelancer life

Collect FaiRONs every day you use the app

Turn your collected FaiRONs into rewards!

What is FaiRON?

FaiRONs are the points we use to reward freelancers who simplify their lives with our app. This is how it works: for instance, you login; you receive 1 FaiRON. You issue an invoice; you receive 30 FaiRONs. You calculate your taxes, yup, you guessed it: you’re again rewarded with 30 FaiRONs. Scroll down to discover the complete list of actions that bring you FaiRONs.

Time to use your FaiRONs?

Just let us know and we’ll help you turn them in advice from a tax expert, discounts on subscriptions, or even more cashback for invoices. Yup, each and every FaiRON you collect can be turned into a benefit for your business.

Get something good for your business

Turn the FaiRONs you’ve collected until now into one of the benefits below.
250 FaiRONs
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50% discount on RUN subscription

Turn your FaiRONs into a 50% discount on the Fairo RUN plan.
500 FaiRONs
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1 year free RUN subscription

Get unlimited benefits for your business with a 1 year RUN plan.
Available soon
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Tax Expert Chat

Too many tax doubts? Then, use your FaiRONs for a 30 minutes session with a tax expert.
Available soon
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Help with the Tax Declaration (for PFA and PFI)

Use your FaiRONs and get a professional tax adviser to take care of your following tax declaration.

How can I collect FaiRONs?

Simple and with 0 extra effort: do your financial tasks using the app, and FaiRONs will be added automatically to your balance. This is the complete list of actions that bring you FaiRONs.
All Fairo users started collecting FaiRON points on 01.08.2022. If you joined Fairo later, you would collect points from the date you created an account in the app.

How can I check my FaiRON balance?

It’s easy: straight from the app.  Log into Fairo, go to your Profile and click on the “Fairo Club” section. You’ll see there a list of all your actions within the app and the FaiRONs you’ve collected so far. And if you want to turn them into rewards, you can do it by simply clicking the banner from the same page.