Multiple account$$$? Good for you. See them all in Fairo

FairoSync, your bank account integration

No need to jump between banking apps. You can connect your bank accounts easily and see all your transactions in one place.

Always up to date

“Paid invoice!” might be the most anticipated news. Make sure you don’t miss it! FairoSync will notify you automatically which invoices are paid, unpaid or overdue.

Clear picture of your cash flow

FairoSync uses invoice-payment pairing technology to show you the status of each invoice issued through the app across all your business accounts.

Your security, our top priority

We extract no data from your accounts. A FairoSync connection is for read-only purposes. A transaction preview allows us only to view your account activity, transactions, amounts and payee information.

What can we do for you

We know that freelancers’ business is as colorful and diverse as possible, and there are different types of freelancers in each market. So check what we can do for you.

From "to do" to "done" with just a few swipes with Fairo bank account integration

Life is more interesting with the super-simplified finance app from Fairo.
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