Fairo FAQ

Is Fairo safe?

Of course! But don’t take our word for it, let’s explain to you why!


To protect your profile, we use two-tier security architecture: Secure login data consists of a personal email and Passcode. The e-mail address is used during registration and is verified by you. The passcode confirmation follows after successfully connecting your smartphone with your profile. The first thing you do is set up a Passcode. You can then change it in the app yourself. Every time you use the app you enter the Passcode known only by you.


To protect your account, we use a three-tier security architecture: Secure login. Login data consists of personal email and phone number, which was verified by you at the first registration stage in the app. Passcode confirmation. You first set PIN code up after successfully connecting your smartphone to your account. You can then change it in the app yourself after that. Every time when you use the app, conduct the transactions, you enter your PIN code, which is known only to you. 3D secure. We have also added 3D Secure to protect you from online fraud. Each time you contact us, we’ll ask you a few security questions to make sure it’s really you. But we will never ask for your full debit card number, card verification code (CVV), verification PIN.

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Which features are available through Fairo for Web?

For the moment, Fairo for Web offers you all the features related to issuing and managing your invoices: you can issue your invoices in a few seconds and see them automatically sorted by categories (paid, unpaid, overdue), you can save your clients’ data for next time you issue invoices to them and you can connect your bank accounts in order to keep up with your business income easier.

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Do I need to install anything so I can use Fairo for Web?

Briefly put, no: because Fairo for web is not a desktop app, but a web interface, so it doesn’t need instalation. You just need to log in using your email address. And if you already have the Fairo mobile app, it’s the same story – no need to install anything extra, just log in from your browser and see all your company data there.

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What is Fairo for Web?

Fairo for web is the browser version of the mobile app for freelancers, which helps you do your business financial admin much easier. This means that you can access the same account through your browser and your mobile app as well, so you can access all your business data both at home and on the run.

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