Fairo Club

How do I get my rewards?

It’s easy. Let us know which reward you want to request via https://www.fairoapp.com/redeem-fairons/. After you send the request, our customer care team will contact you

What can I do with my FaiRONs?

We want to support Freelancers with their business. Therefore, you can redeem your collected FaiRONs for several benefits that help your business. You can check

How can I collect FaiRONs?

You automatically collected FaiRONs by performing several actions in the app. For instance, you receive 1 FaiRON each day you log in to the app,

What are FaiRONs?

FaiRONs are the points we use to reward freelancers who simplify their lives with our app. For many actions in the app, you automatically collect

What is the Fairo Club?

The Fairo Club is the space where we reward freelancers for simplifying their lives with Fairo. The rule is simple: the more you use Fairo,

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