A few clicks and voila! Magic. Your professional invoice is done.

Issue invoices in 60 seconds

Professional looking and ready with a few clicks. Share them with your clients straight from Fairo by email or WhatsApp.

Multiple languages and currencies

So you have clients abroad? As you can see, Fairo “speaks” English too and will help you issue invoices in lei, dollars, euros, or GBP.

Have everything at hand for tax season

Each time you issue an invoice, a copy is saved in the app. So you’re always prepared when tax season approaches.

Generate cash receipt for your invoice

Do some of your clients still pay you in cash? No worries. In only 30 seconds you can issue a professional receipt and store it with the corresponding invoice.

Get paid easier with a QR code

Your clients can simply scan the QR code, have the payment data prefilled, and thus, quickly initiate the payment.

Run by automatization

We use the tax ID or stored client data in the app to prefill the invoice so that you will issue invoices with minimal effort.

What can we do for you

We know that freelancers’ business is as colorful and diverse as possible, and there are different types of freelancers in each market. So check what we can do for you.

From "to do" to "done" with just a few swipes

Life is more interesting with the super-simplified finance app from Fairo.
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