Business finances made easy

Simply invoice and relax: let Fairo do the work. Stay organised, automatically track payments, and keep your eyes on your finances


Issue invoices in 60 seconds

Create professional invoices quickly with just a few clicks.

Diverse languages and currencies

Fairo lets you easily invoice in multiple currencies and languages, for both local and international clients.

Bank accounts

Stay connected

Connect your bank accounts for full clarity over your business cashflow.

Track the status of your invoices

You can see all your transactions in one place and easily know which invoice was paid, unpaid or overdue.

Security first

Our read-only connection ensures secure handling of your account activity, transactions, amounts, and payee information – no data extraction involved.


Simplified client management

Add your clients effortlessly to your database so you can issue invoices faster.

Adaptability for everyone

Whether you're working with an individual or a business, Fairo caters to your diverse client base.

Worldwide reach

Fairo welcomes clients from any country, ensuring your invoicing process is truly global.


Simplified item handling

Save the services or products you invoice, so you can quickly add them next time.

Currency freedom

Embrace global transactions with Fairo's support for different currencies

Tailored discounts

Personalize your pricing strategy with Fairo's customizable discounts, allowing you the flexibility to meet specific client needs.

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