Don't let taxes or reports scare you. Have them done easily with Fairo

The tax calculator

Does reading the word “taxes” give you the shivers? Then calculate your taxes easily with this special feature for PFIs and PFAs on real income or flat rate.

A stress-free tax season

Input your business info in the app, and that’s it; you find out how much taxes, social and health insurance, and contributions you need to pay.

Additional sources of income

In case you had income from rent, dividends or other such sources, count on the advanced calculations from the RUN plan.

Easy to find your exact tax norm

When you add your business profile data to the app, we automatically find the norm for your type of activity.

Generate reports fast and easy

You breathe a bit easier knowing that the tax report day approaches and you have all your taxes nicely calculated, don’t you?

What can we do for you

We know that freelancers’ business is as colorful and diverse as possible, and there are different types of freelancers in each market. So check what we can do for you.

From "to do" to "done" with just a few swipes

Life is more interesting with the super-simplified finance app from Fairo.
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