Calculate your taxes easily and without fear of mistakes

Our tax calculator is always up to date with legislation and super easy to use. If you’re a PFA or PFI with real income or flat rate taxation system, give it a try!

Have a zero stress tax season

Input your business info and that’s it, you find out what taxes and even the social insurance and health insurance contributions needs to be paid.

You get advanced calculations for additional sources of income

In case you had income from rent, dividends or other such sources, count on the advanced calculations from the RUN plan.

Easily find your income norm

Not sure what your income norm is? No stress, we’ll find it automatically, based on the data you provide in your business profile.

You have all the info at hand to fill in your tax report

The 25th of May seems less scary when you know that you have everything already calculated, right? Use the calculations from Fairo to fill in your Unique Declaration more easily.

What can we do for you

We know that freelancers’ business is as colorful as it could be and there are different types of freelancers in each market. Check what we can do for you:

From “to do” to “done” with just a few clicks.

Make your freelancer life easier with the surprisingly simple financial app from Fairo.