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White Label Invoicing and Financial Solution

We help you enhance customer relationships through our innovative tool, which streamlines invoicing processes and financial management. Our scalable solution is customisable to align with your brand, ensuring a tailored implementation that optimises efficiency.

Instant Invoicing, anywhere in the world
Invoices created in multiple language and currency, anywhere in the world in just 60 seconds
Real time
A clear overview of overdue payments 

Invoice payments are detected and matched automatically without any manual tracking
Multiple account
All bank accounts are kept in one place for a clear financial picture
Bank security
Data is kept extra safe with top-notch bank standards
An access to real-time customer support via chat
Developed based on true users needs, jobs and pains

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freelancers & small business owners

Why Choose Fairo’s

White Label Solution

The key advantages of our collaboration
Enriched product value

Enhance value with added business features
for customer needs

Elevated satisfaction

Boost satisfaction and loyalty with a
hassle-free product

Extra selling points

Secure a market edge with an "one-stop-shop"
financial app.

Centralized banking

Boost retention and profitability, by covering
all customers needs

Stimulated transactions

Increase the number of transactions through
increased app usage


Enhance value via targeted cross-selling based
on customer behaviour

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